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How does work?


Ordering at the manufacturer

  • At you order directly from the online shop of the brand you are interested in. However, you do not buy from the manufacturer, but from Arendicom GmbH. Arendicom founded the online portal for brand name manufacturers in 2008. It allows brand name manufacturers to sustain an online shop without selling to customers directly. Now you can “buy” in these online shops “directly” from the manufacturers.

Delivery by the merchants

  • The shipping is carried out worldwide by Arendicom in cooperation with merchants. We will search for a merchant who has the item(s) you ordered in store and is closest to your location. The advantage for you is that you will receive your order quickly and have a merchant close at hand who will be available for providing further services.

How can I order?

  • You place your order in the online shop and conclude it with the payment. Afterwards, we will find the nearest merchant that is able to deliver immediately. In general, this process does not take more than a few hours. As soon as we have found a merchant we will initiate the shipping. This is when you will receive an email telling you which merchant has been chosen. Once the shipment is on its way, you will receive another email informing you about the expected date of delivery.

Pick-up service

  • Should you wish to pick up your order yourself instead of having it be delivered by UPS, you should inform us during the placing of your order how far you would be willing to travel to pick up the order yourself.

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